Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!: Ladies Run This Blog #2

First of all happy new year to all of the readers out there! 2010 was rough on everyone, but now it's 2011 and new beginnings and big things will happen! At first I was about to do a Christmas season ending blog, but I figured I would bring in the new year with some hot things that are going on. People have been saying or complaining about the lack of female emcees, or hating on Nicki Minaj. Well, females have really been on their grind lately, and so much as hit the surface at full force. That I had to make a new years special edition blog pt. 2

Speaking of big things! Late around the holiday season of 2010, a good friend of mine UCME2, hit me up and said check out this mixtape and she was bumpin' it all day! So she sent me the link, and I checked it out. Now let me tell yall, Rapsody: Return of The B-Girl, should be considered one of the dopest albums of the year. I don't know how an album this good is available for free! Hell I felt like Paypalin' Rapsody some money, just to let her now that I would of bought the album regardless! LOL! Straight out of North Carolina, this female emcee comes at you with true lyrics, and you have to playback her verses and say damn did she say that? Or just trip out over how she flowed on the records. I mean a brotha couldn't stop noddin'! The album featured collabos with: Big Daddy Kane, Rah Digga, Skyzoo, Laws, Thee Tom Hardy, Mac Miller, King Mez, and Phi Ade. Also production from the infamous 9th Wonder, Krysis, Ka$h, E. Jones, Amp, and Eric G. Check out for the Return of the B-Girl album, also her webiste and Twitter for more info! Much respect and success to you Rapsody!

Lets see, who comes to mind when you think of female emcees and djs. Salt n Pepa, Spinderella, Queen Latifah, and many more right? Well The Cut Cafe presents to you, the livest duo to hit Ustream worldwide and straight out of Houston.... GOMCBEAUTY & GODJSupastar!

This dynamic duo sets off "Ladiez Nite" every Friday night at The Cut Cafe! MC Beauty keeps the crowd hyped up with her positive energy, and DJ Supastar keeps the crowd movin' on the dancefloor and everyone watching and streaming online! I tried to get that clip of DJ Supastar singin' on that one Ladiez Nite show, but I didn't want her to choke me through the screen! LOL! For more info about these two wonderful talented ladies, check out their twitters and websites. You can catch Ladiez Nite at The Cut Cafe on Ustream from 8pm-10pm EST every Friday. Shouts out to DJ Mocha, QT Pepsi, and Chocolate Kitten that represents for the ladies on Ladies Nite as well!

ATL stand up! Its been 5 years in the making and every 2nd Thursday of the month, Time 2 Shine, showcases various genres of music and culture at the Apache Cafe. Urban Female Entertainment (UFE) that features Time 2 Shine, specializes in the marketing and promotion of new artists and musicians. UFE's strategy is to have artists focus on the networking and business side of things, as well as to focus on their music. For more info about Urban Female Entertainment, check out:

***New Website*** Check out Mona Lisa's amazing website: She has a new 2011 calendar, and new posters as well!

****Updates**** If anyone has an event coming up, or would like to promote an artist, mixtape, album, business, literature, artwork, etc. Please hit me up on twitter @GetThe411Nation, I will respond back asap. Also I am creating an e-mail account for Get The 411 Nation, and I will announce that in my next blog. In case you guys have fliers, music, ads, or commercials you would like for me to add to the blog or to my blog site. Rates will apply if you would like to keep your add on my blog site on a monthly basis. Until then more blogs to come! I do see everyone following me on the Get The 411 Twitter, and I do see alot of business, as well as music artists that I will blog about in the future so stay tuned!

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