Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Music....New Info....Lets Go! Blog #1

***Update***First of all I would like to thank everyone out there for your submissions. I apologize for the late e-mail replies, but I didn't expect so many e-mails and tweets from yall! LOL! There is so much info out there that needs to be seen and heard, and I respect everyone's grind and hustle to the fullest! I will be posting everyone's submission in this blog and future blogs, so if you don't see yours yet...don't trip! They will definitely be shown very soon. Right now the submissions that were sent in January will be mentioned, and the next upcoming blogs will be in a week or two weeks since so many have been sent in. Once again thank you everyone, and spread the word about the website and email submissions or comments to: getthe411nation@gmail.com. My new Facebook for the site will be mentioned in the next blog, since a lot of folks have businesses, events, modeling etc. You will be able to post them on the wall, and no XXX material on the wall. Submit that info to the email! LOL! Yes I do write XXX blogs and help promote events info as well.

You may have seen Thesselonious in one of my previous blogs in a podcast tribute to the late great reggae legend, Gregory Issacs. Now Thesselonious is back with his new instrumental album, While I Was Curling My Blunt. This album will take you on a journey of not only seeing things from a smokers perspective, but appreciating the creation and the love of music. I love to smoke as well, and I saw myself relating to alot of records on this album. "Run" had me thinking about women because of the sensuality of the record, and then running from commitment and other things. Sometimes being high makes u think things like that ya know. "Unplesent Piano" takes to a relm of the appreciation of the jazz masters with mentions of Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker. I must of blew some smoke on my laptop, cuz my Itunes kept taking me back to "Fair-ah Tales" on that pimp shit, and the crazy interegation of "CoCo"! Leave him alone! LOL! Shouts out to Jillzworth for her production efforts on "Feels So High". Hopefully Jillz will release an album so I can definitely feature that in this blog! Shouts out to Jillzworth! "Smoking Bowls Atop of Sears Tower" was one of my favorites cuz I could picture myself up on a mountain in Cali or just a place where no one can bother me, and just reflect on the world, personal shit, or just zone out ya know. I really love this album, and for those that really appreciate music...especially the J Dilla and Madlib lovers. Check out While I Was Curling My Blunt and hit Thesselonious up for a couple of hits...no pun intended! LOL! Now I need to curl a blunt....LOL!

From Amon Raw Records, check out featured artist, De', and their records "Say It Again" & "They Won't Act Right". "They Won't Act Right" has that instant head nod right when you press play, and the lyrical flow that makes you feel the record completely. "Say It Again" has that feel to when hip hop had that enjoyable gangsta feel. Like you can ride to it as well as enjoy it when it comes on at a party or club. This record reminded me of a Wu production, but only De' was coming at ya with that new sound with that O.G. feel.

Shouts out to Len Storm and Amon Raw Records.

For more info on Len Storm, checkout his websites as well: http://www.djlenstorm.blogspot.com/, www.reverbnation.com/lenstorm, and www.soundcloud.com/lenstorm.

ILL-It Records really gave me a good first impression, when I visted their website. Everything on their site is clickable and marketable at the same time! When I say marketable, they have a category with "Beats" for sale, as well as new music such as: "The Essembly Line" by ILL-iteracy. The record really sounds true, and I could see more hits coming from ILL-iteracy in the future. So check out their website and buy their hot beats yall! Shouts out to Chris Prythm! Check out his interview:

Now you know over the years Detroit has always had the great entertainers such as: Eminem, D-12, Royce Da 5'9, Slum Village, and the late great J. Dilla. Now its time to add another rapper to that list, and he goes by the name of Rah Flair. The smooth sounding "Detroit Nights" gives you an insight on how Detroit players roll. From the swag to the slang, Rah Flair tells it like it is for those that aint knowin'! Rah Flair has definitely kicked in the door and will be a force to be reckoned with. You don't believe me? Well check out his video "Move" and let him tell it like it is!

If yall are broke or going through hard times, go on over to "E. North Ave." and hang out with Kid Russell and friends. This is the kind of record that you can say yeah I may be broke, but I have some cool ass friends to kick it with! Also check out Kid Russell's "Rush Rock Remix" video as well. Who doesn't love the combo of rock and wrestling! I can see the WWE and TNA crowds rockin' to this! Check out both videos and let us know in the comments on how you like it!

Check out their new album "Backyard Heros" Website: www.kiddrussellmusic.com

Taking the indie world by storm, check out Team Prolific's "Getting Down". There are so many groups that have that rap/rock combo going on, but with "Getting Down" they let you know that they aint playin' and they aren't going anywhere! Their new EP, The Movement, is available on Itunes, and don't sleep on Team Prolific!

One of the biggest qualities that music listeners like about an artists is how much they can relate to them personally. Ohio native Profecys Child takes you into his own relm with his Visions of Love EP. The snippets from the upcoming album, shows you how universal and talented the artist is and he is not afraid to express his emotions in his music. Now "Gutter" really goes there with the hurt and pain, and the beat was catchy with the "SHUT YOUR MOUTH" LOL! Much success to Profecys Child, and check out his 1st single from Visions of Love, "Gutter"

There are few more January submissions left to blog, as well as a ton for February! So expect part 2 of New Music & New Info blog coming in a week or two!

Shouts out to Modelbook!

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