Monday, June 28, 2010

BreakBeat Lou Says Farewell On Ustream

I remember growing up in the Bay Area, back in Richmond, CA. Everytime I listened to the Wake-Up Show with Sway & King Tech, King Tech used to always play these breaks in his show and him and Sway always gave respect to BreakBeat Lou. I would be like yo who is BreakBeat Lou? As I got older and interned for college radio at UC Berkeley, I would see some of the old breakbeat albums and listen to them. That's when I started to put the history of breakbeats and hip hop together, and understood what Sway & tech were talking about.

We can take it all the way back to 1986 where Breakbeat Lou and Breakbeat Lenny Roberts released over 24 plus volumes of breakbeats. For those that don't know what breakbeats are, breakbeats are instrumentals found in jazz and funk music, which are led throuh first by the vocals or usually drums. It was good to finally see the legendary Breakbeat Lou, once I got introduced to De La Soul's Dugout & Da Beatminerz and saw him live online on his show. I hope that all djs can respect the craft of where true dj'ing came from, rather than just only buy a laptop and a program and say hey I'm a dj now and use it as a hustle. By seeing BreakBeatLou, alongside with the One Nation Radio djs, they show you how much they have been through in the game and how much respect and love they have for the music and their craft as a whole.

When Breakbeat Lou said his farewells on Ustream last nite, I can see how humble and true of a man he is. He gave respect to all of those that have been by his side, and supported him throughout the years of his career. I typed a message in the chatroom to him saying this isn't a farewell, because the memory of you will live through us. Also, we have to educate the kids and future djs of where true dj'ing started, and how vital of a role it plays not only in hip hop but keeping a club or party rockin' worldwide.

Salute to you Breakbeat Lou! One love homie! Shouts out to Eddie B. Swift and all of the Ultimate Breaks & Beats djs and tour! Peace!


Friday, June 25, 2010

The Breakfast Club - Special Guest Marsha Ambrosius - 6/25/10

Maaaaaan, earlier this morning you can not explain the anticipation that I had, and I know everyone else had for Marsha Ambrosius's appearance on The Breakfast Club! Actually, I was in the Dugout around 2am because DJ Dez's show had just ended and we all were falling asleep, even Dez on cam! LOL! So DJ Maseo was like yall come on in and chop it up for a while. All I remember was talking to a dude named Matthew, my homie Nes , and Maseo. Then I was knocked out. Next thing you know it was 3:45am pst, and Brownebabe was like hey you're early! LOL! Cuz you know I'm not gonna miss me some Marsha! After that it was 4am pst., and DJ Dummy came on to introduce the wonderful, the beautiful, Marsha Ambrosius.

Now yall know Marsha is fam after being up this early on the show with us! LOL! She was like my hair is a mess, and I aint brushed my teeth but she hung out the entire show with us and we enjoyed her the whole way through. She would sing in the background when Dummy played certain songs, and would be like wow you guys really get down in the morning! I asked her a few questions in the chatroom like who were her favorite artists, and she said she had so many but she did mention Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Diana Ross. Also, I asked who she would like to work with that she hasn't worked with yet, and she said Stevie Wonder. Can you guys imagine her and Stevie Wonder together in the studio and on stage? Amazing! The chatroom had their questions as well, like would she work with Drake or Nicki Minaj, and Marsha said hey I'm just happy to have a job and I'm singing, but wouldn't mind working with them or other artists.

One of the important highlights of the show was when Marsha talked about her working with Michael Jackson. As you guys know, today marks the one year anniversary of his death, and DJ Dummy also made it clear that this show was not planned on this day because of that. It was just ironic that it happened that way. When she explained how she felt whenever she was around MJ, and how he smelled or when he complimented her on how good she was. It felt like you were there too, and you can picture what she was saying.

As the show ended she sang everyone's name from all 3 chatrooms that viewed and listened to the show. It was so cool, that I aimed my Blackberry towards the screen and recorded the roll call. 

On behalf of the Breakfast Club, thank you so much Marsha for co hosting with us, and also thank you Dummy for making it all happen! Until next week yall! Peaceeeee!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blogtalk The Enigma September Hour

The one thing I do enjoy is people networking with one another, as well as letting their voice be heard. They say technology can be a gift and a curse, but for me I am using it as a gift and right now I'm using it to inform the world of what's going on out there. Since commercial radio has lost its edge and sold out to corporate America, real talented artists can't be heard mainstream anymore so their grind is harder. Even though the word of mouth is still a good thing, brothas like Enigma September with his show The Enigma September Hour, are showing that real musicians and music are out there, and he doesn't want to hear hip hop & r&b is dead! Because it lives through each and every one of us.

Enigma's weekly show consists of R&B and hip hop music as well as occasional guests that stop by. If yall know Enigma welll, my homie will keep it real and let you know how good something sounds or if it needs to be trashed! You can check out The Enigma Sept Hour every week on . Every Sunday at 8pm est. You can also contact him for more info on his blogtalkradio page for his Twitter, Facebook and Myspace as well. is definitely another site that supports a strong movement of people's voices that needs to be heard. Like I said folks, I'm bringing things to you just in case if yall didn't know! So if you guys want to start your own radio talk shows, network with one another, or just play music. Then check out 

Much success to you brotha Enigma, and we'll all be tuned in to your show homie!

Peace everybody!


The Breakfast Club - Reverse Thursdays - 6/24/10

Good Morning Everyone!

It was a new change of scenery for the Breakfast Club this morning. DJ Dummy, who normally broadcasts live from his house in the mornings, now was live from his parents front porch. LOL! He didn't have is normal mic and had to work with his family's "PC", but as Dummy would say that a real dj can work in any kind of environment. 

It was good to see his parents on cam, as well as his brother Mike showing off in his robe with the taco meat showing. He had the Dugout Divas in the chatroom droolin', and Onyx Queen (The Youngin' Catcher! LOL!), was trying to verify his age. LOL! Other than that, the show was great as always, and tomorrow's heavily anticipated appearance with our special co host, Marsha Ambrosius, will be even greater! So tune in tomorrow morning for The Breakfast Club at 7am est to catch our fun filled show!

Shouts out to One Nation Radio: DJ Maseo of De La Soul, Mr. Walt & Evil Dee of Da Beatminerz, DJ Wayneski, CrazyDJBazarro, DJ Skinny, DJ Esquire, Boogieblind, DJ Goldfinger, Agony, DJ Dez, SistaStroke, Cynical Smith, Gangalee, Erika B, Iheartdilla, Jean Grae, DJ Mellstarr, Breakbeatlou, Eddie B. Swift, and Finstabundy. If I forgot your name don't trip, cuz you know I got love for all of yall!

Jean Grae will be live later this afternoon on @Beatminerzradio (Twitter) at 4pm est. Just click on Da Beatminerz link on the home screen and check her out! 

Peace Everybody!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Breakfast Club - U Choose Tuesdays - 6/22/10

Maaan, I had a good time listening to this morning's show of The Breakfast Club! For those that don't know, The Breakfast Club is hosted by DJ Dummy, who is also rapper/actor Common's dj as well. Along with our faithful breakfast club listeners and viewers worldwide, DJ Dummy plays everything from all genres of music, and will keep the party going no matter what time of day it is! Sometimes it's hard to log off the show because his music sounds too good!

Along with DJ Dummy: MuMuFresh (Co-host, Grammy Nominated Singer), Brownebabe (Sports Anchor, Producer, Security, Human Resources, you name it she does it! LOL!), SistaStroke (International Co-host, DJ), Onyx Queen (Meteorologist/Weather), Misty Bear (News Anchor), as well as our other Breakfast Club staff play vital roles in keeping the Breakfast Club a success every morning.

Now back to this morning show. Normally I'm in the chatroom early, but I was 30 min late from sleeping good...I mean I was really sleeping good! LOL! Anyway, on "U Choose Tuesdays", listeners and viewers can log into the chatroom, call in via Skype, or e-mail Brownebabe with their requests. You can request any type of genre of music you want, and if Dummy has it then he will play it. The show was just about to come to an end, and Dummy plays Ron Artest's record. First of all, congrats to my Lakers because I am a big fan and from Cali too! I couldn't believe my ears hearing that record. I didn't catch the name of  the song, so if you find it then I'm sure you will know what I'm talking about. He needs to stick to winning more championships, and seeing his psychiatrist in my opinion! LOL! Now what was even funnier was that Dummy cut the record short, and played the Breakfast Club's favorite....Michael Henderson.

Dummy plays Michael Henderson every once in a blue moon, and when he does all of us in the chatroom just fall out with laughter! Just hearing Michael's drunk ass talking shit about folks, then trying to sing makes it even funnier to listen too. I promise that if I find an mp3 or youtube video, then I will post it in a future blog and back in this one as well.

You can catch The Breakfast Club every morning at DELASOULSDUGOUT, from 7a-9a est. M-F. The links to the Dugout and The Breakfast Club are located on the homepage of my blog as well.

***Very important announcement, this Friday, June 25th, Marsha Ambrosius will be our celeb guest co host! So this is one show you definitely do not want to miss. Brownebabe, if you are reading this please don't stab me cuz you know how we love us some Marsha! LOL!***

Also, stay tuned for more upcoming blogs on the Dugout Divas, such as SistaStroke and her amazing Freak Freely Friday Show!

Brownebabe's bomb ass baby makin' podcasts, and ustream show every Tuesday evening. Vixen Vibes:

Also, Onyx Queen's ustream show every Thursday evening, The Queen's Lair: Salute to all of the Dugout Divas and everyone that keeps the Breakfast Club, and the One Nation Radio movement going strong!

See yall tomorrow morning!


Monday, June 21, 2010


Good morning everyone, and welcome to my new blogsite. For those that don't know me my name is Kevin, but I go by Arieslove or Aries.

My blogs will be dedicated to inform you guys on events, websites dedicated to music, fashion, art, and the community. Basically anything involving information.

My blogsite is currently under construction so hang tight yall! If you have information that you want to send me about your business, blogsites, or webpages, just hit me up on twitter: or on this site. Thanks!