Friday, July 30, 2010

Da Beatminerz Radio DJs - The Aftermath (San Diego, CA)

Da Beatminerz might as well make me their newest west coast Booze Bros. lol! Because last night I was gone off that Jack Daniels & Coke, and DJ Skinny, CrazydjBazarro, and DJ Wayneski really brought down the house last night! Thank you Rob Da Muscle for making sure my glass stayed full, and you showed me how Da Booze Bros have a good time and keep the waitresses moving! LOL!

I arrived at U-31 around 9:30pm, and it was my first time there as well. When I first walked in I thought it was the perfect setting for the show, and I knew it was going to be a full house that night. Trackstar the DJ opened up with his set before Da Beatminerz and he did a really good job holding it down. Then just after 10:30pm, here comes Da Beatminerz walking through the door and they looked ready to show San Diego why they were here!

Now instead of me telling you every move they made, even Baz's signature "awesome dj Bazarro" growl that he plays on Ustream every week, hell they even played the preacher!! Naw they didn't play the preacher there lmao! I don't think San Diego can handle the preacher just yet! I can see Baz & Ski doing a comedy set tour around the world just playing the preacher, and laughing their asses off with drinks like they do on Da Booze Bros. Shouts out to LISAMAX cuz that was her idea by the way! 

Ok yall, DJ Skinny opened up first with his set. Now this dude can go all night long! I wouldn't pick a perfect dj to start in with the crowd than Skinny. Matter of fact let me show you how he got the crowd hyped up at Club U-31. First off, your homie aint ballin' so I don't have one of them high def cameras and shit, but like Wayneski said to me after the show, "We aint on no sexy shit my nigga, cuz this is how we do it all the time!" So here yall go with my HP digi cam with no lighting, and enjoy the clips

Damn! Did yall see that shit! I wish I had more memory sticks for my cam to record the whole thing, but if I did yall would be paying $29.99 per dvd! Of course Da Beatminerz would get all the profit though! lol! 

Now it's time for the "awesome dj Bazarroooooo" (plays the growl insert). I can't growl like that yall, and it's not sexy so... Anyway! Baz was up next after Skinny, and let me say Baz really went in on his set! Everyone gathered around the stage in anticipation, then folks started pop lockin' and have dance battles in the audience. I was like oh shit, North Park knows how to get down, and I don't even kick it over here on this side! lol! Ok enjoy yall......


Maaaan, this dude right here! Now yall know Wayneski! he aint on no Hollywood shit, aint on no sexy shit with either. He is a humble dude and you can tell he was ready to give the crowd what they came for! SKI played so much good west coast shit, I had to look at the homie again like you sure you aint from Compton? I mean he played Snoop, Cube, and Tha Eastsiderz, and I was up onstage two steppin' feelin' all gangsta and thangs! lol! My favorite was his Wu-tang set though, and the crowd went crazy like they were about to throw ninja stars and pull out Shaolin swords and shit! Now you know SKI had to play one of his current favorite records, E-40's "Biaaaaaaatch". SKI transformed into another dude when he put that song on, and he had the crowd all saying "don't be a biatchhhhhhhh!" LOL! Ok enjoy.......

I was mad cuz that last clip was the best and I didn't have enough memory!

Once again, I really appreciate you guys coming down to San Diego, and yall inspired me to keep doing what I do or shall I say what I will be doing soon on the dj side of things again. Also it was cool to see a New Yorker after the show, and he spoke to Da Beatminerz and was really glad they came. It was like he felt that they brought Brooklyn to San Diego, and he loved them for that. Thank yall for a good nite, and you know your west coast homie slash Booze Brotha got yall forever! Next time yall fly into LA, I'm gonna head up there for Roscoe's damnit! LOL!



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Touch of Plaid Affair - Saturday August 21, 2010

Hosted By:

If you are in the Los Angeles area and you want to go out and have a good time, then please go to A Touch of Plaid Affair. The event will be hosted by the beautiful Shell Johnson, with a special guest performance by the fashionably gifted and talented, Fonzworth Bentley.

The event is located at:                Club 3100
                                                  3100 Wilshire Blvd.
                                                  Los Angeles, CA 90017

So ladies and gentlemen put on your best plaid outfits, and have a great night out partying in LA!

For more information about the event, and guestlist info please contact Shell Johnson at: 
(760) 662-3669

Have a great time everyone!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Da Beatminerz Radio DJs Are Coming To San Diego, CA!! Lets Go!!!!!

For all of my true hip hop music fans in the North County, East San Diego, City Heights, Southeast San Diego, Chula Vista, and even all the way down to the border! Da Beatminerz will be here next Thursday night on July 29th, please check the flyer above for more details!

So to my folks in Daygo, yall can't complain about real artists and djs not doing shows down here, or why does the Bay Area and LA get all the concerts and we don't! A close mouth don't get fed, and if you don't spread the word and don't ask questions you will never know right? So you guys better go and see my Beatminerz fam: DJ Wayneski, CrazyDJBazarro, and DJ Skinny support real djs and artists. They are doing what they love the best which is making you enjoy the music!

Also you can check out DJ Wayneski tonight on Beatminerzradio for the Anger Management show, and the link to Beatminerzradio is located on the main blog page. Every Saturday you can check out Da Booze Bros show which includes Wayneski, Baz, Skinny, and Agony from 8pm-10pm est. I love their show and they always have me crackin' up with the crazy preacher, and the fellas be always clownin' so please check it out.

Shouts out to DJ Dummy as well for the dope 4 hour Breakfast Club show this morning. I was feeling it and I said let me do this blog cuz I can't sleep on my east coast fam, and I have to spread the word while I am up early in the morning! Also, shouts out to Danii Henry aka Daniibrowneyes who is always a major supporter of what I do, and also of The Breakfast Club. Oh, and she needs more followers on twitter yall so hit her up @DaniiBrownEyes. Thank you Danii!

Also, for more info or to contact any of the djs, you can hit them up on twitter at: @djwayneski, @crazydjbazarro, @Dj_Skinny, and @DABOOZEBROS

Peace out yall!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's Hot???? League510 - To The Beat "Town Techno"

Once again I bring to you what is hot in today's music. It was late Sunday night going into early Monday morning, and I was up on twitter as usual just checking out some tweets before I went to sleep. Then all of the sudden I started to pay attention to Clear Label's tweets in my timeline. For those that don't know, Clear Label is ran by Tajai Massey of the legendary Hieroglyphics crew from East Oakland, CA. Now I was reading their tweets, and I saw a tweet about their artist League510, and their latest record "To The Beat". Now being I'm from the Bay Area, Richmond, CA, and I have always been an underground head since forever. I decided to watch the video for To The Beat.

I must say that I was really inpressed when I watched and listened to their video. When listening to the record, it automatically makes you want to dance. I mean not like in a hyphy type of way, and not to disrespect the hyphy movement because I love it but this record really had a positive vibe to it.

Also, one of the members from League510 was up around that time tweeting as well, and I had a chance to chop it up with him about their music and hip hop in general. The groups main focus is making people want to dance and feel good, and with their "out of this world" sound League510 will definitely not disappoint their fans!

The group seems very pleased and excited to work with Tajai and Clear Label on their project as well as others to come. Now I know if Tajai is running things over their at Clear Label, then nothing but hot music will be bumpin' all over the Bay Area and worldwide! I had a chance to meet Tajai and Opio before their show down here in San Diego, CA, and they are very down to earth and cool homies. Shouts out to the rest of Souls of Mischief and go buy their latest album, Montezuma's Revenge.

League510 has a mixtape currently out and they wanted me to spread the word as well. The mixtape is called Invasion Vol. 1, and its available for download at: The mixtape has some good ass records such as: "In My Face" (Had me saying womp womp too! LOL), the melodic and laid back Reaquainted, the gorilla in the trunk bumpin' Simple Things, and of course To The Beat.

For more information about League510, you can contact them on twitter: @League510. Also for more info about their show appearances or info about Hieroglyphics, check out @CLEARLABEL on twitter as well.

Much respect to League510 and Clear Label Records. Now check out their videos for To The Beat, and I'm On and let me know how yall like them in the comments section. Hell I need to be on one too, after seeing them party like that! Don't try that pillow slidin' down the stairs shit either! My brother and I used to do that when we were little, and busted our heads wide open! LOL! Until next time, peace outttt!




Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Marathon Man! Eddie B. Swift - DJ'd 24 Hours Straight Last Weekend!

Now I have seen dj's do some crazy things in all of my years of living, but maaaan come'ing for 24 hours? You guys will have to see it to believe it, and I do believe this was recorded live as well. Also, I was in the room to witness this for the 2nd time, and Eddie B. Swift does live up to his name as the marathon man! 

I had my Starbucks Vanilla Doubleshot energy drink in hand, cuz I wanted to see Eddie do his thing behind the wheelz live and not fall asleep! LOL! Now Eddie had already started at 12 noon est. on Saturday, and I came in about 11pm pst. my time, and Eddie was doing his thing and shouting out folks in chat. Eddie probably has a big ass hard drive, cuz he kept going all morning non stop playing everything from Dr. Dre, De La Soul, you name it and he played it!! I said to Eddie in the chatroom that if I were him, I would have a recliner behind the TTs and scratch with one hand lol! Well, you can't blame me for trying guys!

The last hour was coming to a close, and folks were cheering Eddie on, as 12pm est. Sunday finally came and went! Breakbeat Lou, Brownebabe, Onyx Queen, Badboysoul, and alot of supporters congratulated Eddie for his accomplishment of dj'ing for 24 hours straight! He did say that he doesn't know when he will do it again, but he knows that One Nation Radio and his fans definitely has his back!

Salute to you Eddie B. Swift! Hopefully now you are well rested, and you can do a 48 hour show? I know he's saying yeah right? LOL! 

Also, you can catch Eddie on Ustream during his showtimes at: Also for more info and updates you can hit him up on twitter as well: @eddiebswift. Shouts out to Ramel! Peace Yall!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

What's Hot???? Curren$y - Address & Breakfast

I will be starting a weekly blog as well called "What's Hot". If you guys know of any new or current artists that are hot, then just hit me up on Twitter: @GetThe411Nation and I will check them out. Now in the last month or so I've been feeling an artist's latest records, and he goes by the name of Curren$y.

At first he was signed on Master P's No Limit Records, back in 2005 when he was a teenager. Also, he was signed to Young Money until 2007. Now signed with Amalgam Digital and releasing mixtapes, CurrenSy is also apart of Jay Electronica's & Mos Def's supergroup of rappers Center Edge Territory. Hopefully with the help of Damon Dash as well, Curren$y will get the respect as an MC that he deserves and represent New Orleans to the fullest.

Check out Curren$y's latest videos that have been blowing up on music channels everywhere. "Address" & Breakfast. Come check out the blog next week to see who's hot! Peace yall!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keke Dillard - The Curvy Revolution

As long as I've known Keke Dillard, she has been always dedicated to promoting the movement of strong, intelligent, as well as sexy curvy women. You can also add: motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and a creator of one of the largest plus size networks. Do yall smell an Essence Award coming? Because I think that she deserves to be awarded for her success!

I love women of all races, shapes and sizes, but my main love is for big women. I can't even turn my channel now without seeing a curvy sexy woman on tv and movies, so watch out yall cuz big women are not going anywhere! Every time I see one of Keke's ads, I want to go to one of her events! lol! It's too bad I don't live where she has them, but wait.....she will be having something huge coming up in Las Vegas! That's right folks, The Curvy Revolution, plus size convention from Feb 18-20th, 2011 is just around the corner!

For more information about the convention and the events that will take place, you can visit their website at: Also follow them on twitter @CurvyConvention, too keep up with daily updates. I was looking at the site earlier, and I'm like Planet Hollywood! Vendors! Workshops! Miss Curve Competition, and Skorch the Runway! Now yall know that I will be there for that! (wipes drool) LOL! This is gonna be huge everyone, so please support Keke Dillard and The Curvy Revolution.

For more information or too contact Keke Dillard, you can hit up these links: