Monday, August 23, 2010

What's Hot???? Wiz Khalifa/Black Pawn Music (Chaz Hall)/Kronis The ILL

***Update*** First of all I know I promised you guys a "What's Hot" review every week of new artists, but due to new artists and folks following on my twitter page, @GetThe411Nation, now I'm going to be doing alot of music reviewing. Also I may review one to four artists at a time, so hold your horses folks you will definitely see more of this blog but not every week! LOL!

I kept hearing the buzz about an emcee named Wiz Khalifa, and MTV Jams kept playing his video called "The Plane" The video was cool, until my homie Bryant Pryor put me on to Wiz's mixtape: Kush & Orange Juice. Wiz's flow reminds me of a west coast emcee, even though he is from Pittsburgh, PA. For those that love to get high, this is the perfect mixtape to relate too. My favorites include: "Up", "Mesmorized",
and "Never Been". Check these videos out!

When I first logged on to Black Pawn Music's website, the instrumental will definitely have you noddin' and anticipating more music to be heard. Shouts out to PSP (Pawn Structure Productions), whose influences are: Pete Rock, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, and the late great J. Dilla. Check out PSP's website for more music info, and I feel you will hear more from PSP in the future. Check out and follow Chaz Hall on Facebook as well Here is one of their productions: Miranda - Repentant.

Straight out of Philly, he is a member of the internationally known The Breakfast Club, and one of my homies. He goes by the name of Kronis the ILL! I can't even begin to explain his style of production when it comes to music, cuz yall know how Philly cats come from the soul with their music. In The Breakfast Club one morning we have this music segment of our show called Music Idol, and the BCLUB members all vote to see if they like songs that are sent in and played by our host DJ Dummy. When DJ Dummy played this record that Kronis sent in, all you heard were positive reactions from everyone in the chatroom. I knew then and there that Kronis will make a positive impact in hip hop music. Check out Kronis the ILL's "Off The Wall" production of one of the pop music king's, Michael Jackson's greatest hits.  Much success to you Kronis, and keep puttin' out those hits homie!

There are more underground and independent artists out there that are unheard of and unsigned, but don't worry cuz Aries will hook yall up with all the 411! Peace!


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