Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day: The Grind Delko's American Psycho/Music and

First off I want to send shouts out to the Beatminerz DJs for a fantastic "Mixmaster's Weekend". All of the djs did there thing, and I really enjoyed DJ Flamboyant's set. Shouts out to his co-hosts, especially Bosslady, cuz she had it going on! Also, I enjoyed LV's set, and that was my first time watching. Maaaan, he has so much energy and he was going in so hard on his set, you just had to watch in amazement and respect the homie on his selections of music. If you guys would like to be apart of the One Nation Radio movement, and support great music and djs check out the Aries's Links on the homepage for show info.

Now what can I say about Jessica aka Iheartdilla! I have a lot of respect for this woman, because she plays a vital role with the movement of underground hip hop and music period. Everytime I go to her website at:, its like going shopping at Wal Mart and coming out with so much information. Such as: new artists, events, music, interviews, and even clothing apparel to buy. You just don't know when to stop! Oh Jess if you are reading this I still plan on buying that Payola shirt! I saw Bazarro on air wearing one and I said ok I have to buy me one! LOL! So while you guys are chillin' this Labor Day, check out Iheartdilla's site and support her to the fullest! Also, keep J Dilla's memory alive by playing his music everyday, even letting others know the deep impact he still has on hip hop.

Mixtapes: Check out Delko's latest mixtape "American Psycho" on I was feeling records such as "Warriors Call", "Gone", "Mayor", and "Psycho". I know Delko has more music out there, cuz if American Psycho is good then you know there is more to come! Also leave a comment after reading the blog to lets us know what you think of his mixtape as well.

I was really impressed when reading the bio for Music and Modeling, because I knew when I clicked on their website:, that I was going to see a lot of talent on their site. They have info ranging from: jobs, talent, featured artists, and buzzworthy clips of hot artists in the game. So for those that are standing in front of their mirror singing, rapping, or even in the shower too! LOL! Check out their website, and connect to their Facebook as well. Your dreams will come true!!

***Updates*** You can expect more mixtape blogs from me. I have been keeping an eye on my new followers, as well as those tweets I see on Twitter. So don't think I'm sleeping or not noticing you guys, but there are so many artists out there and I'm keeping my ears and eyes open always. 

Also I will be having my own show on Ustream very soon, maybe by the end of this month or the beginning of October. I may call it Club Aries, but if yall want to suggest names just leave it in the comments and I will definitely check them out!

Until next time...Peace!


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